Our Schedule is made based on

parent requests during each

pre-registration/registration period. 

Our current schedule is below!

Our schedule for 2019-2020!

5-6pm Acro/Tiny Tumbling (ages 4-6)
5-6pm Ballet (ages 8-10, beginner/novice level)
6-7pm Jazz (ages 8-10, 1-3 yr exp.)
6-7pm Hip Hop (ages 8-10, beginner/novice level)
7-8pm Acro (ages 10-13, advanced)

7-8pm Hip Hop (ages 10-13, beginner/intermediate)
8-9pm Jazz (ages 10-13, intermediate)

8-8:45 Ballet (ages 12-16, mixed levels)

5-6pm Combo-Tap/Jazz (ages 5-6)
5-6pm Ballet (ages 6-7, beginner/novice level)
6-7pm Hip Hop (ages 5-7, beginner/novice level)

7-8pm Hip Hop (ages 10-13, intermediate)
8-9pm Tap (ages 11-15, advanced)

8-9pm Jazz (ages 12-15, beginner/novice level)

5-6pm Combo-Tap/Ballet (ages 5-6)
5-6pm Acro (ages 8-10, mid-intermediate level)
6-7pm Tap (ages 6-8, beginner/novice level)
6-7pm Hip Hop (ages 8-10, beginner/novice level)
7-8pm Lyrical (ages 12-16, intermediate level)
7-8pm Hip Hop (ages 15+, intermediate/advanced)

8-9:15pm Pointe

5-6pm Acro (ages 8-10, beginner/early intermediate level)
6-7pm Jazz (ages 6-8, beginner/novice level)
-7pm Lyrical (ages 10-13, beginner/novice level)

7-8pm Acro (ages 12-14, upper-intermediate level)
7-8pm Lyrical (ages 15+, intermediate/advanced)
8-9pm Jazz (ages 13+, intermediate/advanced)


4:30-5:30pm Kinderdance (ages 3-5)

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